Temporary crown, a simple direct technique

Prosthodontic needs the placement of a temporary crown after tooth preparations which are usually fabricated with acrylic or composite resin. They provide a temporary seal for the prepared tooth tissues surface by preventing them from the negative effects that can occur if they are exposed to the oral environment.  Temporary crown of a prepared tooth during various stages of treatment is an important step in the construction of fixed dental prostheses. The provisional restoration as a fundamental role in the determination of success or failure of permanent restorations. Marginal accuracy is of great importance because an acceptable fit at the margins is essential in maintaining gingival health and protecting the tooth.

The requirements of a provisional restoration are to give pulpal protection, positional stability, maintenance of occlusal function, cleansability, strength, retention, and aesthetics.


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The fabrication procedure of the temporary restoration also influences its marginal adaptation. The techniques commonly used include direct, indirect and indirect-direct/reline technique. Several studies have evaluated the techniques used for making these restorations. Some researchers have demonstrated the superiority of the indirect technique of making provisional restorations extraorally in laboratory.

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