Esthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Teeth with Veneers

A variety of treatment options are available to restore fractured, misaligned and malformed or hypoplastic anterior teeth. For many years, full-coverage crowns were indicated in this situation, but this treatment option is now considered invasive because of the need to remove tissue. Progress in adhesive technologies has made possible a variety of more conservative restoration techniques using veneers.

When the colour of the existing substrate (the patient’s teeth) is acceptable, thin porcelain laminate veneers (0.3–0.7 mm) may be suitable.

The term “minimally invasive” is also used to describe full veneers that wrap around the teeth, although such restorations actually cover the buccal and palatal surfaces of the prepared teeth.


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Various clinical studies have shown that the survival rate for bonded porcelain laminate veneer restorations is more than 90% over 10 years of clinical service. In those studies, the failures reported were either cohesive ceramic fractures (the majority) or failures of the adhesive between the cement and the tooth surface.

Adhesive-related failures could be due to the extent of tooth preparation. Particularly when the preparations are deep in dentin, less adhesion can be expected relative to enamel.

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