Too much stress for medical students

sciopero Medici medicina studenti medical student stress

Alarming figures emerge from a survey conducted in the United Kingdom published in “Student BMJ”: 1 of 7 medical student (15%) have thought about suicide, and one of three has experienced mental health problems. 30% of students surveyed required psychological care during the years of study and among these, 80% said they did not find adequate support in universities.

The survey involved more than a thousand young people, in total 2% of the students, trying that pressures are strong, and that stress from study and emotional impact from a career in the medical field are hard to endure . Due to stress a student of 4 took refuge in alcohol, getting drunk at least once a week, while more than 1 in 10 have taken drugs once at least. The 8% took substances in order to improve performances.

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