Practical approach to direct restoration of frontal teeth

In the last four decades have seen remarkable technological advances in the fields of aesthetic and, more recently,
minimally invasive dentistry.  Operative techniques and materials with enhanced optical properties have been refined to such a highly sophisticated level that they present a first line approach,
delivering predictable and reliable restorations of aesthetic and
functional excellence,rivalling the best ceramics.

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The great popularity of composite resin restorations also results from their acceptable longevity at relatively low financial cost.
Re-establishing a patient’s lost dental esthetic appearance is one of the most important topics for contemporary dentistry. Color, shape, and structural and position abnormalities of anterior teeth might lead to important esthetic problems for patients.The combination of the increasing demand of patients for esthetics and the capacity to preserve the dental structure resulted in the development of different incremental techniques for restoring fractured anterior teeth in a natural way. In order to achieve esthetic excellence, dentists should understand and apply artistic and scientific principles when choosing color of restorative materials, as well as during the insertion of the composite resin
Absence of necessity for tooth preparation, low cost for patients compared with indirect techniques and other prosthetic approaches, reversibility of treatment and no need for an additional adhesive cementing system are some advantages of the direct laminate veneers technique
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