The best applications for dentist and patient

7 apps to help the dentist and inform who addresses him

apps dentist patient migliori applicazioni per dentista e paziente

Many of the mobile applications that will be described are intended to increase the efficiency and productivity of dentistry, optimizing and simplifying the work-flow of the study. A complete list is difficult to draw as they are more than 1,000 apps in background dental present in iOS and Android store; therefore, they are described below briefly those which have shown to a first use an immediate utility in the daily of the dentist. Were included as applications for patient education, as some for data management, communication with the patient, practice management, imaging, and more.

Curiosity and interest in this issue stems from the growing use of tablet especially, in practice medicine. Numerous applications in the Apple Store, or in the store Android may have value for dental offices. Many apps are free, others are free to download, but require an upgrade fee or annual subscription for full functionality, and some applications have been fully paid.


The Modern Dentist: to remember first of all that there is the application of our newspaper, from which you can see the magazine and which remain easily updated on the news in the world of dentistry. The application allows you to read Modern Dentist magazine iPad format, direct access to articles through the Summary and view thumbnails of the pages.

Download the free app and choose the subscription that best suits your needs

ePocrates Rx is free app that contains a library of clinical reference, which includes a guide to the use of drugs, the interaction that they may have and other aspects related to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. This App also includes continuous updates and free medical news. The product is available in versions that include information on how to make diagnosis of the disease, including images, diagnostic tests, possible therapies.

ePocrates Rx is a major clinical reference for quick access to this information.

Lexi-Dental is a library full of resources on dental world, which includes information on farmici and the desired and undesired effects that these can have, includes color images of numerous procedures and clinical dentistry, also includes the ability to create a folder for the patient, one hand for emergencies in dental practice, information on natural products, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, and many other resources. The application can be downloaded free of charge with a free trial for 30 days.

Medscape: was the most downloaded app in background doctor in 2010. The application includes information, counter medications and herbal remedies, drug interactions, diseases and conditions, procedures and protocols, along with suggestions of an expert group.

DDS GP is an app that has been developed to help professionals in the diagnosis and presentation of treatment plans to patients to help them gain a complete understanding of the treatment course for their situation. The library of the application contains a series of presentations that cover all the topics of ‘dentistry. The application allows you to draw, as well as customizing plans for individual patients.

Planmeca Romexis is a suite of advanced software and easy-to-use application that provides a rich set of tools to meet the needs of imaging provided by any health institution -from small dental clinic to large hospitals. It supports the most versatile range of 2D and 3D imaging modalities. The resolution is excellent, and images can be easily used for patient education and communication, and for consultation with colleagues. Images captured with the Romexis desktop software can be shared with mobile devices anywhere, allowing zoom and measurement of images.

DCStory: Patient Education

Tools of patient education are critical to any practice, in order to convey complex clinical information for patients in a clear and descriptive. DCStory is a great alternative to provide advice and treatment options do educational purposes. Using the high-quality 3D images, patients can be guided through complex procedures with over 200 animations viewable. Other features allow you the ability to view X-rays or photos. DCStory allows dentists to write or draw additional information directly on the image (with the suggested use of a pen). The information can then be printed or emailed to the patient for their review at home.

DDS Anywhere by DentalAnywhere: Patient Communication

Whether in the office during off hours, patients require accessibility to a platform supporting dental. When emergencies occur, the dentist needs more information than it can transmit a voicemail message. MyDentist, a product of DentalAnywhere, provides a solution to facilitate the communication needs of the patient-dentist.

Using text, images and graphs, patients can use the app to report emergencies directly to the dentist as well as receive short emergency instructions. The application can also be used by patients to request appointments, contact the office or the dentist recommend to a friend.

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